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Do Cables Really Make a Difference?

Does The Quality Of Cables Actually Effect Your Sound? The short answer is absolutely yes – don’t let anyone on a message board tell you otherwise. Do More Expensive Cables Actually Sound Better? Well…. what exactly is “better”? Sorry for answering a question with another…

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Take Backing Up Seriously

It doesn’t matter if you work with A-list clients or just have fun making your own music, backing up your files is a must! I operate under the assumption that at anytime anyone of my drives could die a quick death. Living with this slight…

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The Next Generation Way to Control Your Computer

  This could be the coolest new gadget for computers that I’ve seen in a long, long time. It’s called Leap and it allows you to manipulate things on your computer using your 10 fingers, in 3D. This is some Minority Report level stuff. Imagine…

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