Introducing : the EMW Music Group Studio

Where are my manners? All summer long I’ve been posting photos and clips from my new studio without formally introducing it to anybody.

Just after releasing our album Shuffle in June, EMW Music Group moved into our new production room inside Engine Room Audio.

EMW Music Group Studio

As you can see, there is lots of gear, lots of keyboards, lots of everything hanging out in a killer sounding room. We moved it all in June 1st and two days later were busy with our first session. Over the summer things progressed and we’ve gotten the entire room wired for easy integration of all the analog gear and our Pro Tools HD|Native system. Our most recent additions are the Mutec MC3+ Clock and a 10th Anniversary Gold Korg Microkorg.EMW Music Group Studio


The room has been working great for mixes all summer. After a couple weeks of tweaking the setup and settling in, everything has been translating perfectly. As you can see in the photos I rely on my trusty set of Focal Twins for monitoring. They are the perfect fit for the room and everyone is shocked when they realize they’ve been listening with no subwoofer – the low-end extension is fantastic without the additional sub. My good friend/assistant engineer Alex Vieira helped do all the wiring of the room last month, making cables for over 120 patch points so I have access to every piece of outboard gear in the rack.

EMW Music Group Studio


Our focus with the studio is on writing and production, so the entire room is designed to help us make any kind of music our clients need and also accommodate multiple producers/writers/engineers simultaneously. It’s not uncommon to find 2-3 people all working simultaneously on different parts of a song at any given moment. The main workstation, the analog synths, guitars, amps, and the secondary workstation (mainly used by our assistant Rob for editing/cleaning up of sessions) are always in use, so by dividing and conquering the work we’re able to make music with an astonishing amount of efficiency.

Check out some of the music being made here :

Amber Skye – Howlin (Written, Produced and Mixed at EMW Studios)

Bobby Brickstone – Graduated Drinker (Produced and Mixed at EMW Studios)